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HEMOLAB Water provides innovative and robust technologies for water treatment.

Since 1994, HEMOLAB Water has been designing, sizing, installing, and maintaining water treatment systems, specializing in medical water treatment expertise.

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To contribute to saving and sustaining lives through innovative and robust technologies.


To be an essential, competent, and recognized local and regional player.



Innovate with agility, commitment, and ownership


Relentlessly pursue our efforts


Achieve collectively with merit and without pretension


Operate with clarity, transparency and integrity


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Hemolab is a pioneer in hemodialysis in Morocco established in 1994. It diversified its activities in 1995 with Hemolab Pharma, becoming the first manufacturer of hemodialysis concentrate in the country. The acquisition of SPMCP in 2000 strengthened its position in the medical devices segment. Since then, the group has expanded to cover anaesthesia, resuscitation, oncology, biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and water.

- Water treatment activity in hemodialysis with Culligan (USA)
- First hemodialysis center established in Morocco with Culligan (USA) technology
Launch of the export activity for hemodialysis with Culligan (USA)
- Launch of industrial activity with Culligan (USA)
- Design and installation of water treatment systems for slaughterhouses
Design and installation of a desalination plant in Boucraa to supply the city.
- Installation of a double osmosis system for 13 hemodialysis centres for the Ministry of Health.
- Launch of an offer for private individuals.



Water Treatment for the Medical Sector

Water is utilized across all areas of a hospital : steam, heating and cooling, sterilization, and dialysis treatment. Quality is crucial for the health and safety of both patients and staff. Expertise: filtered water, clarified water, demineralized water, single osmosis, double osmosis, thermal disinfection, chemical disinfection, sterilization.
Applications: Hemodialysis, Sterilizer, Disinfecting Washer

Water Treatment for Industry

The cost of water is rising, and its quality can have a tremendous impact on some of your most energy-consuming processes. Encompassing broad sectors of industry, we offer solutions for the beverage and food, oil and gas, energy and electricity, healthcare, hospitals, biopharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. Expertise: filtered water, softened water, demineralized water, process water, utilities, potability, recycling, conditioning for hot and cold circuits, cooling towers, steam and process circuits, waste treatment.
Applications: Agri-food, Aerospace, Automotive, Metallurgy, Manufacturing, Chemical, Paper.

Water Treatment for Buildings, Offices, and Hospitality

In a hotel, water is used daily for cooking, drinking, heating/cooling, bathrooms, and laundry. The quality of the water flowing through your pipes can have a considerable impact on the comfort, safety of your guests and staff, as well as operating costs. However, water system management is often fragmented, making oversight complex and time-consuming. Expertise: fighting against scaling, sludge, and corrosion; improving building energy performance; combating microbial growth; water purification, water recycling.
Applications: Hospitality, Offices, Residential, Schools, Restaurants, Campsites, Healthcare Facilities, Offices.

Water Treatment for Municipalities

Municipalities face significant challenges concerning potable water supply. Increasing populations impose additional burdens on aging infrastructures. Strengthening regulations coupled with dwindling freshwater resources drive the need for increased water reuse and recycling. Our systems provide an affordable, adaptable, reliable, and quick solution to these issues.
Applications: multimedia filtration, reverse osmosis, containerized system.


Agricultural activities require high-quality water to ensure good yields and product specifications. The water scarcity we experience necessitates identifying efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable farming. Our systems enable efficient water processing and ensure treated discharges for efficient and responsible agriculture.
Applications: irrigation, desalination


MSN Congress (Moroccan Society of Nephrology)

We were delighted to participate in the 19th National Nephrology Congress from March 2nd to 4th, 2023, at the Paradise Club in Casablanca. It was a pleasure to meet our valued nephrologist partners, many of whom visited our booth to observe demonstrations of our unique DBB EXA hemodialysis machines.


Our partnerships have lasted for several decades, characterized by success resulting from strong synergies in terms of portfolio and channel.
These collaborations are meticulously studied, pre-planned, and executed methodically.

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Medical Water Treatment

HEMOLAB MD provides advice and offers robust, high-performance medical devices to ensure optimal water quality compliant with regulations.


Water Softeners

High-Efficiency Water Softeners, Dechlorinators, and Sand Filters feature innovative design and intelligent control to ensure effective and adaptive pre-treatment.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Culligan Double Osmosis Systems

Certified as Medical Devices, the RO2 MD and MD Bio double osmosis systems combine ease of use and safety to guarantee high-quality dialysis water production.

Project Study Services

If you have a hemodialysis water treatment design project, Hemolab MD supports you from conception to implementation (site visits, sizing of the needs and water treatment room, modeling).

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