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HEMOLAB Dx provides advanced technologies for medical diagnostics and therapeutic support.

HEMOLAB Dx focuses on high clinical value-added segments, including HLA typing, molecular biology, and monoclonal antibody assays for optimizing targeted therapies.



To contribute to saving and sustaining lives through innovative and robust technologies


To be an essential, competent, and recognized local and regional player.



Innovate with agility, commitment, and ownership


Relentlessly pursue our efforts


Achieve collectively with merit and without pretension


Operate with clarity, transparency and integrity


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Hemolab is a pioneer in hemodialysis in Morocco established in 1994. It diversified its activities in 1995 with Hemolab Pharma, becoming the first manufacturer of hemodialysis concentrate in the country. The acquisition of SPMCP in 2000 strengthened its position in the medical devices segment. Since then, the group has expanded to cover anaesthesia, resuscitation, oncology, biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and water.

Hemolab was established as a company specializing in the distribution of hemodialysis equipment and in vitro laboratory consumables
Partnership with Abx, Secomam, and Biotrol for laboratory activities
Launch of a range of biochemical/immunological reagents with bioMérieux
The launch of the HLA Luminex range
The initiation of antibody assay activity for transplantation
- Launch of molecular biology activity
- Introduction of rapid test activity
- Initiation of NGS activity




Cutting-edge, efficient, and robust technologies ensure successful grafts in transplantation.
The Luminex 100/200 system and FLEXMAP 3D platform enable simultaneous measurement of multiples analytes in a single reaction using a small sample volume, delivering rapid test results with high reliability. The Immucor range, distinguished by its user-friendly design and swift execution, facilitates HLA SSO typing tests, screening and identification of antibodies, and LSA tests. Hemolab Dx leads nationally in transplantation, partnering with institutions offering these essential tests. Hemolab Dx supports its partners in deploying technical platforms and interpreting results.

Molecular Biology

A wide array of extraction equipment and multiple kits are available for extracting nucleic acids from various biological samples.
There are flexible and efficient real-time PCR systems and kits for precise and swift diagnostics.
Hemolab Dx provides an extensive range of tests, particularly for sexually transmitted diseases, respiratory illnesses, and tropical diseases.

Rapid tests

Robust rapid tests for immediate initial diagnosis, allowing for qualitative detection of hepatitis virus and HIV from blood, serum, or plasma.
Hemolab Dx offers reliable tests that are WHO qualified.

Targeted Therapy

Monitoring circulating monoclonal antibodies for the optimization of targeted therapies.
agnostic kits for the multiplex quantification of proteins prescribed for the treatment of several diseases, allowing for personalized medical monitoring.
Promise provides a wide range for oncology, inflammation, transplantation, rheumatology, hemophilia, and hematology.

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology applied to HLA typing and identification of multiple genes in oncology for precise diagnostics.


Congress of the Moroccan Association of Medical Biology (AMBM)

Hemolab Dx have participated to the Moroccan Association of Medical Biology held from May 2nd to 4th, 2024 at the Hyatt Regency in Casablanca.

Annual Meeting of the Syndicate Chamber of Biologists 2024

Participation of HEMOLAB Dx at the 2nd edition of the annual meetings of the Syndicate Chamber of Biologists, held from February 1st to 3rd, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency in Casablanca.


Kidney Transplantation Day in 2022

We participated in the Kidney Transplantation Day in 2022 in Marrakech, where we had the pleasure of presenting the Luminex solution and the Immucor range to participants.


Our partnerships have lasted for several decades, characterized by success resulting from strong synergies in terms of portfolio and channel.
These collaborations are meticulously studied, pre-planned, and executed methodically.

Our partners


Medical Water Treatment

HEMOLAB MD provides advice and offers robust, high-performance medical devices to ensure optimal water quality compliant with regulations.


Water Softeners

High-Efficiency Water Softeners, Dechlorinators, and Sand Filters feature innovative design and intelligent control to ensure effective and adaptive pre-treatment.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Culligan Double Osmosis Systems

Certified as Medical Devices, the RO2 MD and MD Bio double osmosis systems combine ease of use and safety to guarantee high-quality dialysis water production.

Project Study Services

If you have a hemodialysis water treatment design project, Hemolab MD supports you from conception to implementation (site visits, sizing of the needs and water treatment room, modeling).

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